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M Membership and Funding

Membership of the Chamber is drawn from a wide section of stakeholders with an interest in mining. These include mining houses, materials supplier companies, service providers, professional bodies and individuals. Currently the 90% of all mineral production is carried out by companies that are members of the Chamber. Membership categories are shown on the organogram
The Chamber of Mines is a member of the Mining Industry Association of Southern Africa (MIASA). This regional body was formed to promote the interests of the mining industry in the SADC Region. In pursuit of this aim MIASA interacts with SADC structures at various levels and encourages the development and implementation of mining policies that will ensure the continued effectiveness of mining in the region.

Membership of the COMZ is open to every company or individual, interested in the mining or processing of minerals or in the exploration for minerals, or anyone who shares an interest related to mining. The COMZ is funded entirely by subscriptions from its members, the amount of the subscription being based on the class of membership in which a member is placed. The COMZ may, from time to time, solicit for donations from well wishers or its members in order to run specific programs that are of importance to stakeholders to fulfill its service obligations.

Value of Joining the COMZ
The degree to which a member derives benefits from COMZ membership depends on the extent to which the member interacts with the Secretariat and other organs of the COMZ. 
The COMZ creates opportunities for members to network with each other. These networking platforms include:

  • Policy Deliberation Committees – The COMZ policy dialogue is driven by the secretariat through committees, which provide the platform for members to contribute ideas that influence policy on mining and the economy in general. The COMZ being a membership based organization is as strong as its ability to present the issues raised by its members. Thus the greatest asset for a member is to be able to influence the development of position papers and policy proposals generated by the COMZ. These documents are targeted at improving the operating environment of members. Through the various forums such as committees, workshops, seminars, visits, and surveys, members have the opportunity to exchange ideas and help to formulate positions. There is also the opportunity for members to actually make the presentations and interact with policy makers. Currently the active committees include the Indigenization Committee, Economic Development & Taxation Committee, Mines and Minerals Act Committee, SHE Committee, Legal Committee, Labour Committee, Gold Producers Committee and the Joint Suppliers and Purchasing Committee. Members have the privilege of contributing directly in the formulation of important policies affecting the development of the industry and the economy at large.
  • The Joint Suppliers and Purchasing Committee – A forum that brings together suppliers of goods and services and minerals producers to discuss issues of mutual interest, that range from how to improve procurement of mining supplies; how to lobby government for the application of appropriate tariffs; pricing issues; projects being implemented in the industry; constraints to business on both sides and initiatives to promote business.
  • District Mining Association Meetings – These are meetings held between the COMZ staff and members in the various mining regions of the country. The most active associations are currently located in Bulawayo and Gwanda. Again suppliers, producers, and government officials interact to provide reports on developments and issues affecting the mining industry. This is a source of valuable information as opportunities to talk directly to producers, suppliers and other stakeholders are presented.
  • Chamber of Mines Athletics and Cycling Championship – Teams of athletes from mines affiliated to the COMZ gather to compete in the Annual Chamber of Mines Athletics and Cycling Championships in a two day event. The opportunity exists where suppliers of goods and services can exhibit their wares and interact with both managers and individual mine employees.
  • The Chamber of Mines Annual General Meeting – This is a forum where industry policy makers, government ministers and officials, and other local and international players interact and discuss key issues relevant for driving the industry forward.
  • First Aid Competitions and Mine Rescue Competitions – Mine Rescue is critical in saving lives, and rescuing those who are trapped underground in accidents associated with mining such as falls of ground, falling down excavations and fires. These competitions, just like the Athletics and Cycling Competition, brings together managers and employees in an effort to promote safety and occupational health best practices.
  • Professional Bodies – Mining industry players as individuals or corporate members can join professional bodies that are affiliated to the COMZ. The purpose of these bodies is to enhance the professional development of employees to be able to perform more effectively in the discharge of their duties. A number of networking activities are run under these bodies which include technical visits, training courses, and development of research papers. Currently the affiliated professional bodies include, The Association of Mines Managers, The Association of Mine Engineers, and The Association of Mine Surveyors.
  • The COMZ Jumbo Golf Tournament – The Jumbo Golf Tournament is the prime golfing tournament targeting the mining industry. It is an event that provides the opportunity for networking and building relations. Of course there are other golf tournaments held by individual mine’s such as Mimosa, Zimplats, AA Mines, Hwange Colliery, MMCZ, etc, at  various times during the year.
  • Information Dissemination – The COMZ disseminates information to its members regularly. In this regard there is the Chamber of Mines Journal (CMJ) that has been revived, monthly reports and weekly reports. These provide members with information on the state of the industry, feedback on activities the COMZ is working on, and other developments. Advertisement opportunities are available in the CMJ. Members may also use the secretariat to disseminate information to the general membership.

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